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The reliable way to get a natural-looking, whiter smile from the comfort of your home.

If your teeth are dull from food or drink stains, it can be tough to get a bright white result from drugstore pastes and products. That’s why Wales Family Dental offers take-home Opalescence professional whitening.

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Opalescence At-Home Tooth Whitening

A lustrous way to whiten

Our professional whitening kit includes potassium nitrate and fluoride gel to help reduce sensitivity, which commonly occurs with whitening. This makes it gentler and safe to use at home. The gel is applied to a custom tray made from a mold of your teeth, and can be used day or night, depending on the treatment schedule that works best for you. If you have questions about how Opalescence can brighten your smile, call our office at (262) 201-4718 or contact us today.

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